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"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

-Stephen Hawking


2014 - Present Bachelor Degree, Business Administration in the field of Leisure, Event Management @ NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda, the Netherlands

                   • Project Management                                              • Communication 

• Marketing & Online Marketing                              • Intercultural Communication

• Operational Management                                     • Presentation Techniques

• Imagineering (Concept creation)                      • Research and Statistics

• Creative Leadership                                               • Policy Making & Development of the Leisure Sector


2010 - 2014 • International Computer Highschool of Bucharest, Romania         

         • Some relevant courses include: Entrepreneurial education, Sociology, Psychology, Sciences, Economics, History, Art, Spanish

2000 - 2002 • Killara Primary School, Sydney, Australia

Work Experience

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Catalog Manager @

January 2017 - Present


LUEX is and has always been a great experience for me, on many levels. LUEX has a medium-sized team, with experienced professionals, brought together by their love for adventure, Surf and Snow.

As LUEX's Catalog manager, I am in charge of the Online Catalog (all products sold on and keeping the content up to date - media content as well as written content

On a daily basis, I get to work with tools such as Photoshop, extensive Excel Sheets, Magento, Mail Chimp, iMovie, Mantis Bug-tracker and many others.

However, throughout my time at LUEX, I have also had Marketing-related projects. Thus, Google Adwords is no stranger to me, as well as Social Media Marketing Tools

Production Assistant Manager @ Boom Festival, Portugal


Photo ©Cagdas Alagoz

Preproduction, production and postproduction of the festival would be the quick way to describe my collaboration with Good Mood Entertainment and Boom Festival. The longer and better version is that I have been working with a highly inspiring team, in a rather harsh environment (hot, dry and dusty), towards giving birth to magical festival, enjoyed by 40k visitors.

Boom Festival is a large scaled event, with many logistical challenges, as it is located in mainland Portugal, in the middle of nature, in a hilly valley with no infrastructure and huge festival premisses. My tasks were in-between the office and the field. As a Production Assistant Manager, the most important aspect is to be proactive and make sure that all projects are running smoothly, not only my own.

 One of my primary tasks for pre-production was the logistics of signage throughout the whole Festival area - mapping, ordering and implementing, about 1k wooden signs, painted manually by the Boom artists - Quite a complex and lengthy task.

Secondary, but not of less importance, was the accreditation and logistics of all cars allowed in the Festival premises, before and during the festival.

Furthermore, I have also been the coordinator and trainer of the "Welcome team". This team was meant to welcome the guests, inform and guide them with whatever situations might occur. 

During the festival I would also spend my shifts managing and fixing logistical issues, emergencies or offer my help for any other department in-need, often with work shifts of over 12 hours.

Project Based Work & Volunteering Experience

2009 - 2015 • Brigada de Voluntari, Romania

Sphere of Activity: Event Production - Concerts, Festivals, Sports events, Exhibitions, Social Projects, Educational Projects and Conferences. 

Between the years mentioned above, I have worked at over 25 events such as AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Sonisphere Festival, B'Fest Festival, Bon Jovi, Shakira, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Sensation White, Let's do it Romania, Cirque du Soleil, and many more.

              • Backstage                                                                 • Information desk

              • Logistics                                                                     • Catering

              • Accreditations                                                         • Callcenter coordinator

I have been involved successfully with large or small teams and have been collaborating closely with local and international crews, artists, booking agents, managers, sound & lighting engineers, people of all levels and backgrounds. Within Brigada de Voluntari, I have also engaged in close collaboration with Eventim,  MyTicket, EMAGIC, various sponsors and suppliers.

Other Skills

The icons shown above stand for the most relevant Softwares, Tools & Programs I am able to successfully use.

The icons shown above stand for the most relevant Softwares, Tools & Programs I am able to successfully use.


Romanian is my mother tongue, but English feels like a mother tongue as well.

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Other Projects & Experiences

2014-2016 ▪ Member of Compass Student association, which is organizing events for international students in Breda, The Netherlands.

2011-2013 ▪ The International Computer High school of Bucharest’s Student Council‘s president

2012 ▪ “Together for integrity, social responsibility and sustainable development” project, offered by Transparency International Romania in partnership with GDSI Ireland and Softwin Romania

2012 ▪ ISB Model United Nations & Model United Nations Bucharest

2012 ▪ Junior Achievement Creativity & Innovation Challenge, where the client was Raiffaisen Bank (I won the second place as the team leader of a group of 6 members)

2013 ▪ Junior Achievement Creativity & Innovation Challenge, where the client was INTEL

2012 ▪ Let’s do it Romania 2012, I have participated as a sector coordinator and logistics team member.

2009 ▪ Youth Exchanges- “Intercultural Neighbourhood- Let’s face culture!”, Poland