I am a charismatic young woman with numerous passions, hobbies, skills and abilities. I love challenging myself with new tasks and adventures, while making brave ideas my new reality. I have a lot of stamina and I am always happy to be on the move, exploring. On the flip side, I am very meticulous and detail oriented, so I if I have to settle on a topic or in a place, I tend to go out of my way to make the best out of it!

My great passion for music and art, has guided my steps towards engaging actively in the Events Sector, thus, I gained consistent experience within the domain. The Entertainment industry is generally very challenging, but at the same time it provides a great platform for me to manifest my creativity, my organisational and communication  skills, while creating space for The Artists and The Audiences to express themselves. 

Derived from my attraction towards art and colour, is also my passion for Photography. Not only that I love clicking portraits of local people from different cultural backgrounds, but I also love the post-production side of photography. In the passed years, I have been studying and developing my editing skills and I am aiming towards incorporating Photography more frequently into my professional career. 

From a very young age, I have been used to extensive traveling, interacting with new people and cultures. All my education diplomas have been gained in international contexts, as well as most of my work experience. By now I have already lived on three different continents, in 4 different countries, while I have traveled many more and still counting. Emotional intelligence, problem solving and adaptability are characteristics that define who I am on a core level.

Another facet that defines who I am is represented by the fact that I am a devoted Yogi. I have started my Yoga journey early in my teens and I took my practice more in depth as years passed by, practicing in Europe, Nepal, Thailand as well as intensively practicing in Bali, Indonesia for about a year. Subsequent to the Bali experience, I decided to follow a Yoga Teacher Training course in India, thus I am now also a certified Yoga Teacher and currently developing my Yoga Therapy skills and Ayurvedic knowledge.

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